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Exhaust System

  • The main functions of an exhaust system are :
    • Emission Control
    • Sound Reduction
    • Correct Canalization of the Exhaust Gases towards the Outside
    • To Optimize Engine Efficiency in a 4-stroke Engine

  • Using the correct exhaust system will ensure that:
    • The engine always operates with the right air-fuel mixture, always providing the maximum power while maintaining minimum fuel consumption
    • The working life of other important parts of the engine - valve system, silencers, catalytic converters, lambda sensors, etc. will help to be extended.

  • Silencer details
    • A silencer is a combination of tuning chambers, baffle partitions and perforated and solid tubes designed to dissipate noise pulses while moving exhaust gases and vapor.
    • In the absorption principle, E-glass is stuffed into the silencer to eliminate unwanted exhaust sound.
    • The two-layer aluminized steel protects Walker® mufflers against corrosion.
    • Walker® silencers are produced with the same stainless steel welding material as the original equipment supplier.


1. Two-layer aluminized steel

2. Perforated tube

3. E-glass

4. Stainless steel welding