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Catalytic Converters



  • The main function of a catalytic converter exhaust system is :
    • To transform the harmful gases (CO, HC, NOx) in the exhaust stream coming from the engine's combustion chamber into other "clean" gases(CO2, H2O,N2),before these gases leave the exhaust system into the atmosphere.


  • There are many features that make Walker® Catalytic Converters a safe option for specialists:
    • Design of all of the components of the catalytic converter (anchoring, pipes,monolith, etc.) based on the use by Original Equipment to make it easy to install in maintenance operations.


    • All Walker® catalytic converters have an approval certificate (European Homologation documents) to guarantee maximum part performance and quality for users.
    • All of the catalytic converters are made with BHT bodies (of similar hardness and rust resistance to stainless steel) that will protect the unit from corrosion throughout its lifetime.
    • Unlike most present manufacturers, Walker® approves all of its silencers and catalytic converters to guarantee that end users will have the utmost protection and performance in the engine, as well as minimum fuel consumption.