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Fuel Borne Catalyst additive (FBC) is a compound that mixed with the fuel at the tank of vehicles equipped with  particulate filter, enables the elimination of more than 98 % of the solid particle matter emitted by this type of engines to the atmosphere, including ultra-fines which are considered to have the most adverse health effects.

The role of the additive is:

  1. To lower the combustion temperature of the particles (600ºC to 450ºC).

  2. To be burned at the combustion chamber together with the fuel, to directly impregnate the particles.

  3. To propagate combustion (oxidation) of the solid particles in the DPF, improving its effectivity and reducing the time and the energy needed to perform the regeneration process.





Important information:

Cérine is an organic product and therefore is submitted to degradation in contact with natural light and ambient air.
Once the bottle or can of Cérine is opened, the product will get in contact with oxygen and local ambient air characteristics (moisture, dust...), accelerating the degradation that will significantly affect the final characteristics of the Cérine product.
For that reason, Walker recommends only the use of new sealed Cérine cans or bottles during refilling procedures of vehicles equipped with those additives.
Kept in its genuine Walker packaging, the Cérine fuel borne catalyst additives has a life time of 5 years, that is printed on each can or bottle packaging of the Cérine product.

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