Walker Youtube Channel 3 years warranty

Warranty terms Walker® mufflers, pipes, catalytic converters and diesel particles filters (valid only in EU countries)
Walker warrants its products, to its customers, against defect in workmanship and materials, including abnormal wear and tear, upon the following terms and conditions:

Product Duration
Walker 3 years from purchase by original end-user.

Walker’s warranty will not apply to its products following the sale by the original end-user of the relevant vehicle and will be limited to the replacement of the defective product.

Excluded from warranty are:

  1. Exhaust parts fitted contrary to application information in the Walker catalogue or its subsequent amendments. 
  2. Exhaust parts which have been modified or damaged by incorrect mounting or incorrect use of the vehicle, contrary to the car manufacturer’s specifications or Walker’s. 
  3. Use of the parts in vehicles for which the units were not designed as indicated in the Walker catalogue or its subsequent amendments. 
  4. Premature wear-out caused by re-use of rubber mounting parts such as: rubber mountings, clamps, gaskets, gasket rings, connection pipes, special bolts, springs, etc. 
  5. Damages caused by an accident or impact from a foreign object (like speed bumps, stones etc.). 
  6. Use of Walker® exhaust parts in exhaust systems equipped with non-homologated components (such as non-homologated silencers, catalytic converter, diesel particle filters, etc.). 
  7. Defects caused by lack of maintenance or maintenance improperly executed on the vehicle.
  8. Defects caused by engine components malfunction or not related to Walker® part manufacturing process (like misfiring, damaged injectors, exhaust gas recirculation malfunction, turbo charger malfunction, lambda or temperature sensors malfunction, air leaks due to wrong fitting process, etc.).
  9. Use of non-EU approved products in the system (such as putty paste upstream last electronic sensor in the exhaust system).
  10. Use of non-EU approved fuels, sump oil or additives (like fuels with biofuel content over 10% or diesel particle filter cleaner additives) or in non-conformity with the engine manual of the vehicle.
  11. Exhaust parts damaged while used in rally or racing sports. 
  12. Reconditioned or recycled exhaust parts.

The warranty will apply only if the original invoice of the part is shown to the dealer and if the vehicle owner is the same as the one who purchased the part.

The warranty program will be administrated by the installer, who will investigate each claim and provide the distributor with all relevant information concerning warranty claims such as:

  • consumer's name and address
  • vehicle identification data
  • fitting or sales dates
  • proof of purchase documents
  • exhaust part number
  • description of defect