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Protecting the environment

  1. Tenneco and Walker® provide emissions control technology and products to help our original equipment customers meet increasingly stringent emission regulations worldwide.

  2. Throughout the vehicle's lifecycle, we continue to provide emissions solutions with our Aftermarket emission control product line, including the new Walker® EVOLUTION DPF.

Legislation: The technology challenge

  1. The Euro IV emissions regulations were introduced in Europe in January 2005. These regulations reduced the particulate limit levels to 50% of the Euro III requirements.

  2. Thanks to innovative engine technologies, most light weight diesel passenger cars can achieve these levels without a diesel particulate filter. Heavy vehicles, however, require a diesel particulate filter.

  3. The Euro V legislation, applicable as of 2008, requires diesel particulate filters as part of  all diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (vans).

In 2014 the new EURO VI emissions regulation will come into place. This regulation will reduce dramatically the amount of NOx gases that can be released by the exhaust system of the vehicle, making mandatory the use of advanced NOx reducer systems as the Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system or the Nox trap systems. The complexity of this system increases with the addition of new sensors and more sophisticated electronic control units that control that all the elements are performing at the right level to maintain in optimum conditions the reactions that need to take place at the exhaust system before the gases are released to the atmosphere.