Walker Youtube Channel 3 years warranty

Exhaust System


  1. Walker is one of the biggest and most important Original Equipment (OE) exhaust manufacturers in the world, with Original Equipment and After Market (AM) manufacturing plants placed worldwide.

  2. Due to Walkers OE experience (more than 80% of the total production is OE) Walker is able to use the latest technology available for the production of the After Market line ensuring the highest levels of quality and technology in all our designs.   This technology ensures that all Walker products are designed with the right back-pressure and noise levels, being equal to those present at the Original Equipment units.
  3. In order to certify this quality standards Walker AM exhaust offer (exhaust and catalytic converters) is fully homologated following all the requirements of the most strict government environmental laws.

  4. With Walker® homologated exhaust systems the engine will always maintain its maximum performance level with the minimum consumption. Wrong back-pressure levels present in all of non-homologated exhausts also causes small losses of petrol and oxygen in each intake stroke, producing consequently losses of power and increase of consumption of the vehicle. 

  5. Walker® products also protect the job of the installers ensuring the legality of the exhaust parts installed in the vehicle. The use of non-homologated exhaust systems is prohibited and illegal in most of the countries of the European community and the installation of them is penalized by the local authorities.

  6. Walker® exhaust produces all the AM exhaust with a double layer of aluminized steel, being the homologated competitors AM offer only a single layer of aluminized steel. This allows Walker to give a superior warranty period and ensure the end users a longer life time period of the product compared to any of our actual competitors in the aftermarket.

  7. Last but not least, the fact that Walker® is present worldwide at OE and AM platforms gives a competitive advantage in terms of coverage, new developments and market knowledge that is always beneficial to our AM distribution channel.