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Silencers & Pipes


  • The main functions of an exhaust system are :
    • Emission Control
    • Sound Reduction
    • Correct Canalization of the Exhaust Gases towards the Outside (Back pressure)
    • To Optimize Engine Efficiency
  • There are many characteristics that make Walker® silencers a safe option for specialists:
    • Silencer housing made in double layer aluminized steel(0.7mm+0.5mm),giving greater protection against corrosion than in the single layer systems used by the main competitors.
    • Pipe and anchoring design in all elements of the exhaust system identical to those of the original, for fast,perfect adaptation of the systems in fitting.
    • Unlike most present manufacturers, Walker® approves all of its silencers and catalytic converters to guarantee that end users will have the utmost protection and performance in the engine, as well as minimum fuel consumption.
                         Walker_Silencer_Audi-A4_Crosscut.png        Walker_Silencer_BMW323i.png 
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